Description of Individual Course Units
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of Course UnitYear of StudySemesterNumber of ECTS Credits
GT-357SPECIAL FOODSCompulsory354
Level of Course Unit
First Cycle
Objectives of the Course
Giving basic information about the production technologies of the food such as sugar, cacao, chocolate, confectionery and coffee and setting up the necessary substructure in order to settle the problems to be faced in future regarding this issue
Name of Lecturer(s)
Öğr. Gör. Muhammet DEMİRBAŞ
Learning Outcomes
11) 1) Understanding the product lines and processing techniques which fall outside the main branches of food technology
22) 2) Gaining information and experiences about confectioneries and understanding
33) 3) Understanding and applicating confectionery types and production steps, designing similar processes
44) 4) Understanding cacao seed production, cacao powder and cacao oil production steps
55) 5) Understanding production process of chocolate and chocolate types
66) 6) Understanding coffee production and dry coffee seed gaining process
77) Understanding tea and tea products process
Mode of Delivery
Face to Face
Prerequisites and co-requisities
Recommended Optional Programme Components
Course Contents
Development of sugar industry in Turkey; sugar beet, sugar can and sugar production; cacao and chocolate technology; cacao, cacao powder and cacao fat, chocolate, chocolate varieties and production; confectionery technology; candy varieties and properties (marshmallow, nougat, starch and pectin jellies, hard candy, fudge, caramel, cream, coated candies); tea technology (black tea and instant tea); coffee technology (coffee bean and instant coffee)
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
1Sugar technology; structure and chemical constituents of sugar beet
2Sugar technology; pretreatments and preparation of sugar beet for sugar production, raw sherbet production from sugar beet, raw sherbet (syrup) cleaning, concentration, crystallization, raw sugar production and refining; sugar can and sugar production
3Cacao and chocolate technology; cacao bean, cacao powder and cacao fat production; chocolate, the varieties and constituents of chocolate, chocolate production, chocolate properties, chocolate coating and coating technique
4Confectionery technology; candy varieties, crystal habits, confectionery constituents, natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, other components
5Cooking and packaging of confectioneries; general rules in candy cooking, cooking methods and systems, aerated and whipped confectioneries, foam formation, stabilization of foams, aerated candies
6Some confectionery varieties and their properties; main components and production methods of marshmallow, nougat, starch and pectin jellies; confectionery formulas; gel formation, starch and pectin jellies, lokum (Turkish delight)- cezeriye production
7Some confectionery varieties and their properties; constituents and properties of hard candy (akide candy), hard candy production and forming, main rules in hard candy production, hard candy formulas, fudge, caramel, cream and coated candies
8Mid term exam
9Some confectionary varieties and their properties; main constituents and production methods of fudge, caramel, cream and coated sugars
10Some confectionary varieties and their properties
11Tea technology; chemical constituents of tea; black tea production; classification and production of tea; black tea varieties, biochemical changes which occur during tea processing
12Tea technology; quality characteristics of black tea and well-steeped control, instant tea, extraction, aroma recovery, cream precipitation, filtration and concentration, drying, agglomeration, aromatize
13Coffee technology; coffee bean production and processing, roasting and milling, coffee making, instant coffee production, extraction, dehydration, aromatize
14Coffee technology; coffee bean production and processing, roasting and milling, coffee making, instant coffee production, extraction, dehydration, aromatize
15Coffee technology; coffee bean production and processing, roasting and milling, coffee making, instant coffee production, extraction, dehydration, aromatize
16final exam
Recommended or Required Reading
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Midterm Examination1100
End Of Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Final Examination1100
Term (or Year) Learning Activities40
End Of Term (or Year) Learning Activities60
Language of Instruction
Work Placement(s)
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesNumberTime (hours)Total Work Load (hours)
Midterm Examination155
Final Examination155
Attending Lectures14342
Individual Study for Homework Problems14114
Individual Study for Mid term Examination155
Individual Study for Final Examination2510
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
LO1 4      
LO2 4      
LO3 4      
LO4 4      
LO5 4      
LO6 4      
LO7 4      
* Contribution Level : 1 Very low 2 Low 3 Medium 4 High 5 Very High
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